Manscaping Duo

We have a set fee of $60.00
Currently we are not set up for Credit/Debit Cards - Coming Soon 

Private Discreet Home Studio


We offer full-body trimming with electric trimmers. We will tailor your session to the areas you want trimmed.  We can work on areas such as: back, chest, torso, groin, buttock, hands, and arms. We however, do not work on hair on your head, back of neck, face, and eyebrows.  

This is done in our home studio dedicated to grooming.  We use a professional table and sanitized equipment.


Q. Do you have different fees?

A. We have a set fee which includes all body parts,  the session is tailored to your specific needs.


Q. How long does a typical appointment take?

A. That depends on how many areas we will be trimming. Most appointments take less than an hour.


Q. Do you do waxing?

A. We do not perform waxing, as many cannot tolerate the pain. We only use electric trimmers


Q. I am worried that I will get an erection during my sessions, what do I do if this happens?  

A. First, don’t be worried, we are all men here so we totally understand.  Second, there is nothing to do, just relax.


Q. Where does this service take place?

A. Your appointment will take place in a private residence with complete privacy. We use a professional table, towel, linens, etc.   A shower is available for rinsing off after your appointment if you desire.


Q. Is your service discreet?

A. Yes, the privacy of our clients is of utmost importance. For privacy reasons, we do not take or post before/after photos.


Q. Who performs the service?

A. We currently are two males with 15+ years of experience in body grooming. In most sessions, we are both present and work together.


Q. Is parking available?

A. Yes, street parking is available – it is the burbs


Q. Are you Metro accessible?

A. We are close to Rockville Metro station and happy to provide transportation to and from this station.

Q. Should tip? 

A. Tips are certainly appreciated.